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person   Francis Tandoh
Owner/Executive Director
house   709 S Byrne Rd, Suite 8
Toledo, Ohio 43609
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phone   Phone:419-534-6077
Fax: 419-534-6377

Because our clients vary in age and health, we have designed our services to answer to a wide range of needs.

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Tandoh Health Care Services, LLC is also a well-established provider of transportation services for our clients.

To uphold our quality standards, we require our drivers and in-transit care staff to have clean driving records as well as thorough training in different fields of health care – more particularly in managing health conditions for developmentally disabled patients. Our staff will work with you to ensure safe travel. Your travel needs may cover multiple miles or just a short distance, however, we do not pay attention to the length of travel since our responsibility is in keeping you safe while in transit. We require our employees and aides per the clients ISP transportation can be used for shopping, recreation and vacations, medical appointments, etc...

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