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person   Francis Tandoh
Owner/Executive Director
house   709 S Byrne Rd, Suite 8
Toledo, Ohio 43609
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phone   Phone:419-534-6077
Fax: 419-534-6377

Because our clients vary in age and health, we have designed our services to answer to a wide range of needs.

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Welcome to
Tandoh Health Care Services, LLC


Thank you for dropping by our website. You can only expect the best SUPPORTED LIVING SERVICES, VOCATIONAL SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS AND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES FOR THE INDIVIDUALS WE SERVE WHO HAVE DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES. Tandoh Health Care Services, LLC (THCS) will work closely as a team member with you, your family and/or guardian, the Lucas County Board of DD, and other members of your team to ensure you receive the best Supported Living Services possible so you may live the life you choose. Tandoh Health Care Services, LLC is a provider of various daily supported living services and care programs that are designed for individuals in need of daily living support or long-term care services. Tandoh also offer range of vocational skill development and employment-focused learning opportunities to help each individual we serve find, prepare for and achieve success at the job they choose. Tandoh Health Care services is a State of Ohio certified provider of supported living services, vocational habilitation programs and transportation services which are designed to enable you, the individual, to live as independently as possible within your community. By coordinating with your Individual Service Plan (ISP) team members, THCS is committed to serving our clients.

If you are interested in THCS serving you as a provider of HCBS waiver Services, Level 1, supported living, or H/PC transportation, please contact your Service and Support Specialist (SaSS) from the Lucas County Board at 419-380-4000. Please feel free to contact THCS if you would like further information on our services at 419-534-6077.