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person   Francis Tandoh
Owner/Executive Director
house   709 S Byrne Rd, Suite 8
Toledo, Ohio 43609
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phone   Phone:419-534-6077
Fax: 419-534-6377
Why Choose Us

Making a Difference - More than just health care services, we want to make a significant contribution to you, our clients. We manage the health of your loved one with developmental disabilities by providing Supported Living Services and promoting independence through education and skills enhancement.

To help alleviate your situation at home, we give you assistance with daily living activities through different approaches.  While these services seem to be routine and trivial, we know that the support we provide makes your life at home more manageable. The convenience we bring and the manner of service delivery sets us apart because we are not in this industry by requirement - we are in it by choice.  We want to make a difference by assisting you to live your life as independently as possible. Some of our client's live with their families. We are committed to assisting your family with the supported living process.

A full menu of supported living services awaits your decision. We hope you make your choice today and choose Tandoh Health Care Services, LLC as your trusted service provider.

Talk to one of our representatives and inquire about availability of services in your area.